Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear." - -- Dinah Mulock

It will never cease to amaze me the power whispered rumor and innuendo and so called facts that are attributable only to "unnamed sources" or what one "heard" can have. I suppose some of it must be intended cruelty and meanness but most is probably well intended or innocent mistake or lack of information or simple misunderstanding. In any case it has the power to hurt, to cause damage and in some cases, even to destroy.

This past year I saw a very dear friend, and great lady, Dame Lapin Paris, 2007 Caledon RFL Captain, leave Caledon because of just such whispers, all of which were, and are completely untrue. Her leaving was a great loss to Caledon and many of us personally. May that sort of thing never happen again.

No matter what your spiritual belief or understanding, this is the season when we all tend to look back at the previous year and forward to the fresh untouched one. I intend to take Miss Mulock's advice to heart and I hope you will consider doing so as well. Let us all try to treat one another with kindness and gentle touch and as the fragile, breakable beings we are.

(Dame Lapin's name in this post is used by permission)


Anonymous said...

That is very fine advice, one hopes you will follow it yourself madam.

Lavendar Beaumont said...

That was rather the point of this post now wasn't it?

Are you too much a coward to say who you are?