Monday, March 31, 2008

Erotic Victorian Show and Sell

Saturday evening I attended the Gala opening of the Erotic Victorian show and sell to benefit SL Relay for Life. I am seen here dancing the night away with Mr. Aberdon Enigma and celebrating the very successful opening.

The exhibit, which showcases the beautiful work of Miss Becky Book of Caledon Penzance, has earned more than $L57,000 as of this morning. Music for the event was provided by Mr. Duckthulhu Dagger of Caledon Independent Broadcasters and the affianced of Miss Book. Mr. Dagger, a cancer survivor himself, donated all of his tips from the opening to SLRFL. The show continues in Thistle Hill Keep, Caledon Kintyre until April 5, 2008. (

An in depth review by Lord Bardhaven may been had here

If you have not yet gone, go! If you have, go back and buy some more! You may never again have the chance to see so many lovely Caledonians in such a shocking state of undress.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Rez-Day

Its my Rez day and I feel that it should be marked in some small way. I will not post a "What I have Learned" post. Personally I find those tedious and preachy. I am still making my self anew every day, still trying for some small measure of success. I know that I have made terrible mistakes and done foolish things. I have never intended any real harm to anyone, but that does not mean that harm was not done and for that I am deeply sorry.

I have made some dear friends and laughed a good deal, and I have cried more than once. I have tried to give back to the community that I dearly love in the only way I know how. I know that as long as I am here, those things will all continue. I hope with more success and fewer mistakes.

So many of you have touched me so deeply and profoundly and I thank you all for that. You make my life richer. I want to share two things, neither of which are original with me but two things I am trying very hard to live now. One is what my dear friend Captain Jaksoi Pak said to me when things were particularly difficult. "Dar, love the ones who love you and to hell with the rest" The other is something I read in a profile a few months ago. I wish I could give the gentleman credit, but I do not recall his name. It said: "There are three kinds of people in SL. Awkward confused newbies, arrogant long timers and heroes. Be a hero to someone new".

I did not find any help at all in SL before coming to Caledon in mid-April of last year. There I found people willing to sell me land they did not actually intend to sell at the same price they paid just to give me a chance to live in this place I had come to love. I also found a friend that helped me buy my first AO, others who taught me so much and asked for nothing in return. I received gifts of every imaginable thing and some one could never imagine.

And I laughed, a lot. I found love and friendship and yes heartbreak.

Thank you Caledon. You have been good to me.